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Predictive Maintenance

For a plant with a large number of machines, preventive maintenance can be a cumbersome and time-consuming job. Without the proper equipment, you may only achieve a marginal improvement in a machine’s running condition despite hours of tedious calculations and costly downtime. Now there’s a solution: Our Predictive Maintenance Service is the most powerful, accurate, fast, and thorough equipment available today. Our service includes Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment, and Field Balancing.

Vibration Analysis is one of the most important tools in the industry today. Vibration Analysis allows us to monitor your machines on a regular basis and keep you informed of any problems that may be occurring within the machinery. Through this monitoring, we can help you prevent unwanted and costly downtime. Our service provides vibration readings that are accumulated over time and utilized to show “trends” which assist in predicting failure dates so that needed repairs can be scheduled before extensive damage occurs. This gives you the combined benefit of scheduling your maintenance and saving you increased repair costs on major repairs. Along with our service, you will get state of the art data base set-up, data collection, analyzation of data along with complete and precise analysis reports.

Proper shaft alignment is essential for efficient operation and longevity of plant machinery. Precise shaft alignment and balance of the rotating parts results in reduced operation costs through reduced power consumption such as; extended bearing life, increased efficiency in motor operation, and reduced downtime. Our on-site capabilities save you time and money by not having to tear down or replace a piece of equipment.

Product / Service Information

Colin Electric Motor Service, Inc., offers sales, service, and the remanufacture of electric motors, and the sales of all related controls and equipment from our modern, well equipped facility. In addition to rewinding and complete remanufacturing, Colin Electric also offers a full host of predictive maintenance services, including; electronic balancing, vibration analysis, laser alignment, and efficiency testing. We also specialize in variable frequency drives, all types of motor controls, and ongoing service and support.